Download ievaphone free calls - free Minutes working 100%

Ievaphone provide You one apps for smartphone or conect web browers on pc...and You can to use their apps for make free calls to anywhere.. and 100% working now 
Download ievaphone free calls

- Ievaphone is also an application similar " line or skype ..
You Can Make free calls to other ievaphone users.
In addition you can buy their credit .. and the rate will very cheap

1 - With iEvaphone You can to use Your Pc Make free call To many Countries ( free minutes 1 to 5 minutues )
Download ievaphone free calls

2 - You can check the url for know : how many free minutes your destinations
Download ievaphone free calls

Exp : calls for free to :
Argentina 60s
Australia  300 s
Brazil 300 s
Canada - 204 Manitoba 300
Canada - 226 Ontario 300
Argentina - Arguello 60
China - Mobile - Unicom 60
China - Shanghai 60

3 - Visit and enter your phone number you need to make free calls then.. press calls it's 100% free and working ..
Depending on your country you are calling, it may be free from 1 to 5 minutes per call / 24h : 
3 - Download Ievaphone Here 
Download ievaphone for IOS . 
Calls With ievaphone On PC

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