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What is Sipdiscount?
Sipdiscount is Dellmont quality products,
Betamax or Dellmont always at the Top of sound quality transmitted over the internet
Sipdiscount give you 1 free software, with only 1-2 simple steps, you can download the  sipdiscount software to your computer, iphone, ipad, android, or any other smart devices use 3G or wifi internet access .
The remaining task is to register only one free account and connect with friends and relatives you ... all for free. more  sipdiscount help you saves phone costs domestically and internationally

 Download Sipdiscount

 SIP discount Features
+ Name : SIPDiscount
+ Type : Voip Software For Pc
+ Homepage : SIPDiscount .com
+ Service infomation providing: Free international calls,cheap international calls,free texting,and cheap SMS texting
+ Call PC to Pc -> Free
+ Call PC to phone number -> Free calls over 9 countries
-free phone calls to Australia
-free phone calls to Cyprus
-free phone calls to Estonia
-free phone calls to Hungary
-free phone calls to Iceland
-free phone calls to Netherlands
-free phone calls to Slovenia
-free phone calls to United kingdom
-free phone calls to United states mobile

+ Send Text PC to PC -> Free
+ Send Text PC to phone number -> Cheap rate
+ Video Chat pc to pc: -> Yes
+ Free call online - > yes 
+ File size : 6.4Mb
Sipdiscount ScreenShot : 
 Sipdiscount Callpad panel
Download Sipdiscount

Sipdiscount download pages
Download Sipdiscount 

Sipdiscount offers free call to destinations
12VoIP offers free phone calls to various popular destinations - See more at:
Download Sipdiscount

How To make a calls with Sipdiscount

There are several ways to call with Sipdiscount:
From the textbox, enter the User Name of another Sipdiscount  user, or the desired phone number and press enter.
Double-click a User Name in your contact list.
Use the dialpad to make a call just like you do on a regular phone.
Or use the keypad on your PC.
Please note that when you call a number (even if it's local)
you should always dial 00 + countrycode + areacode + subscribernumberHow to download Sipdiscount  - Download Sipdiscount at the bellow link
+ Sipdiscount now using VoipconNect App for install and Login!
+ Download Sipdiscount for Window PC
+ Download Sipdiscount for Mac + Download Sipdiscount for Android
+ Download Sipdiscount for Iphone - Ipad - itouch
+ Download Sipdiscount for Nokia Symbian
+ Download Sipdiscount for Windows phone
+ Download Sipdiscount for Blackberry
+ Download Sipdiscount for Nokia Asha

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